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Bertis Initiates Commercialization of Diagnostic Solutions in the Middle East through MOU

Date 2023.08.07


Bertis Initiates Commercialization of Diagnostic Solutions in the Middle East 

through MOU with Saudi Arabia's Largest Diagnostic Network


- Expects support for joint R&D, licensing, and commercialization through cooperation with Al Borg Diagnostics and SaudiVax



<Image> (From left) Logos of Al Borg Diagnostics, Bertis, SaudiVax


Bertis (Co-CEOs Dong-Young Noh and Seung-Man Han), a proteomics-based precision medicine company announced the launch of PASS (Pan-omics Analysis Service) service in the United States through its wholly owned US subsidiary, Bertis Bioscience Inc.

Pan-omics is the integration of complex “omics” datasets generated from the subfields of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics to increase the understanding of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. PASS is an insightful analysis solution leveraging Bertis’ pan-omics knowledge and know-how coupled with its proprietary bioinformatics and AI technology to deliver analytical services including the core protein identification and biomarker discovery but also drug development and clinical research processes.


On August 7, Bertis, a company specializing in the development of proteomics-based precision medicine technology (led by CEOs Dong-young Noh and Seung-man Han), announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Al Borg Diagnostics, a Saudi Arabian diagnostic company, and SaudiVax Inc., a biotechnology company, for entry to Saudi Arabia with its diagnosis solution.


Under the MOU, Bertis, Al Borg Diagnostics, and SaudiVax will cooperate to commercialize a blood-based cancer diagnosis technology developed by Bertis in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. The MOU calls for Al Borg Diagnostics to transfer technological expertise and support joint R&D for the commercialization of Bertis’ diagnostic technology and execution of diagnostic testing by region, and SaudiVax to cooperate on data analysis, regulatory affairs, and joint R&D for the diagnostic test.


Al Borg Diagnostics, established in 1998, is the largest network of private diagnostic laboratories in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). It provides healthcare services to over 5,000 hospitals and clinics and with approximately 15,000 visitors daily. SaudiVax is a joint venture of a Saudi Arabian Family Holding company UYC, and U.S.-based PnuVax, which supplies biologics to the GCC and OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries).


“As an organization responsible for the health promotion of local residents, we are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce the latest diagnostic technology,” said Al Borg Diagnostics Managing Director Dr. Mohammed Amin. “We will do our best to ensure that Bertis’ state-of-the-art diagnostic technology is utilized where it is needed and contributes to promoting the health of local people based on our network of diagnostic laboratories and diagnostic testing expertise.”


“We are excited to be working with Bertis as they are leading the development of proteomics technology, which is emerging as the cutting-edge technology in the biomedical sciences.” Said SaudiVax Managing Director Prof. Mazen M. Hassanain. “We will closely cooperate with Bertis to help swiftly introduction of its state-of-the-art technologies including the blood-based cancer diagnosis solution, to the Middle East and contribute to biotechnology development in the region.”


“As the proteomics-based diagnostic solution is a breakthrough technology that can enable early diagnosis of key diseases, we were able to take this opportunity to cooperate with influential partners in the region including the largest network of diagnostic laboratories,” said Bertis CEO Seung-man Han. “We will make utmost efforts and look forward to bringing the proteomics technologies developed by Bertis to healthcare providers and patients in the Middle East and Africa.”


Bertis commercialized MASTOCHECK®, a proteomics-based breast cancer early diagnosis blood test, for the first time in the world. As of July 2023, MASTOCHECK® is available in more than 392 hospitals and medical check-up centers in Korea. In addition, over 40 medical institutes including Raffles Medical Group, the largest private medical group in Singapore, and Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre provide examination services using MASTOCHECK®. As a follow-up pipeline, Bertis is developing early diagnosis solutions for pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer.

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