Bertis is a proteomics-based molecular diagnostics company
focused on the discovery of cancer-related biomarkers.
Mastocheck by Bertis aims to free women from pain and death resulting from breast cancer.

"Globally, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women.
Yet, existing screening methods have shown limitations in accuracy of detection. "
An estimated 1.7 million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed globally each year and the incidence rates in
Asian countries including Korea and China are rising rapidly.
With such a noticeable increase in breast cancer incidence rates, the need for an alternative screening for early
detection has become imperative to overcome the limitations of the incumbent screening solutions.

"Bertis patented innovative screening method allows
early diagnosis of breast cancer with a single drop of blood."

Innovative screening method

Bertis’s patented, innovative early breast cancer screening technology improves
on the accuracy levels of conventional screening methods and detects breast cancer
as early as Stage 1 with only a drop of blood, vastly increasing the chance for
timely effective treatment.


"Bertis is a leading proteomics-based molecular
diagnostics company."


Bertis is a proteomics-based molecular diagnostics biotechnology company.
By using a high-performance mass spectrometry technology that can quantify extremely small amount of protein, we identify potential diagnostic biomarkers
in the body.


"Bertis is dedicated to build health and happiness of humanity by realizing early diagnosis medicine." LEARN MORE