Bertis' core technology framework


ProteoID (Proteome Integrated Determination) is proteomics
platform technology of Bertis covered from data generation to large-
scale commercialization.

ProteoID is inspired by 'proteoid roots'
referring to clusters of densely spaced short lateral rootlets.
The technology embodies the interactions between multiple proteins and
combinations of diverse disease markers,
forming a close integration of proteomics technologies
With a decade of R&D efforts, Bertis has advanced protein identification and quantification technologies, 
and build world-class capabilities in data interpretation.

The technology has enabled the successful commercialization of proteomics-based early diagnostic tests and pan-omics analysis services.

Based on ProteoID (Proteome Integrated Determination),
Bertis is realizing the potential of proteomics in clinical field.
  • Biomarker Discovery &
    Algorithms Development
    1. COFFER
    2. BTS MS
    3. BTS Reads
    4. BTS Systems
    5. PepQuant Library
  • Commercialization
    of Diagnostics
    1. Dual LC
    2. DeepMRM
  • Advanced
    1. AmpiTAG
    2. SAN

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