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Bertis Secures 20 Billion KRW in Pre-IPO Investment

Date 2024.02.26

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Bertis Secures 20 Billion KRW in Pre-IPO Investment

- Pre-IPO round participation from Current and New Investors, reflecting Growth in Early Breast Cancer Detection Blood Tests and Analytical Services, 

Anticipation for Future Offerings 


On February 26th, Bertis, a company specializing in the development of proteomics-based precision medicine technology (led by CEOs Dong-young Noh and Seung-man Han), announced that it has successfully secured a pre-IPO investment of 20 billion KRW. The investment involved participation from existing and new investors, including KDB Bank Winvest Venture Capital Premier Partners BNH Investment Dream CIS.

The successful closure of this investment round reflects the growth of Bertis' commercializing breast cancer early detection blood test, MASTOCHECK®, along with its analysis service, PASS (Pan-omics Analysis Service & Solution). The positive outlook also underscores expectations for forthcoming early detection blood test products targeting pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and other pipelines. Bertis intends to utilize the investment capital to propel the commercialization of its early detection blood test products, broaden its analysis service portfolio, and expand its global footprint, thereby fortifying its business foundation and advancing its technological prowess.

Founded in 2014, Bertis has dedicated over a decade to research and development, enhancing protein identification and quantification technologies and establishing globally competitive capabilities in protein data analysis and interpretation. Leveraging this expertise, in 2019, Bertis introduced MASTOCHECK, the world's premier proteomics-based blood test for early breast cancer detection. Last year alone, Bertis serviced over 100,000 examinations, with a cumulative total exceeding 170,000 cases.

Furthermore, in May 2022, Bertis introduced the Pan-omics Analysis Service & Solution (PASS), providing analytical solutions essential for protein analysis, biomarker discovery and validation, as well as drug development and clinical research processes. Through the PASS service, Bertis has garnered projects from a total of 53 organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, government-funded institutions, and research centers, showcasing its ability to commercialize proteomics technologies.

Bertis Co-CEO Seung-man Han remarked, "This investment signifies a pivotal moment for Bertis, acknowledging our steadfast technological advancements and promising business outlook, thereby catalyzing our business initiatives." He added, "Moving forward, we are committed to effectively commercializing diagnostic test pipelines in domestic and international markets, broadening the spectrum of analysis services to specialize in Exosome and PROTAC therapy, and delivering tangible commercial results."


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