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Bertis Pan-omics Analysis Solution and Systems (PASS) launched in the U.S.

Date 2023.07.31

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Bertis Pan-omics Analysis Solution and Systems (PASS) launched in the U.S.


- Bertis, Inc.’s wholly owned US subsidiary, Bertis Bioscience, signed its first service agreement with the world-renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies, to provide a PASS service using its CLIA lab and proteomics experts in San Diego, California.


- In Korea, Bertis, Inc., already launched PASS in May 2022, offering a robust suite of analytical services including protein identifications, biomarker discovery and drug target discovery analytical services. 


Bertis (Co-CEOs Dong-Young Noh and Seung-Man Han), a proteomics-based precision medicine company announced the launch of PASS (Pan-omics Analysis Service) service in the United States through its wholly owned US subsidiary, Bertis Bioscience Inc.

Pan-omics is the integration of complex “omics” datasets generated from the subfields of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics to increase the understanding of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. PASS is an insightful analysis solution leveraging Bertis’ pan-omics knowledge and know-how coupled with its proprietary bioinformatics and AI technology to deliver analytical services including the core protein identification and biomarker discovery but also drug development and clinical research processes.



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In the US, Bertis’ wholly owned US subsidiary, Bertis Bioscience, has launched the much-anticipated PASS services after more than a year of preparation to assemble industry recognized experts in both mass spec-based proteomics as well as bioinformatics.  The US PASS services will be provided at its CLIA Lab in San Diego. As part of the US PASS offerings, Bertis Bioscience will initially offer proof-of-principle studies for protein biomarker discovery  using Seer’s proteograph and nanoparticle kits.


On June 8, 2023, Bertis Biosciences signed its first proteomics-based analysis service agreement in the United States with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, a San Diego-based non-profit life science research center. The Salk Institute is known for life-changing discoveries in the fields of cancer, neuroscience, aging, immunobiology, and plant biology. Six Nobel Prize winners conducted research at Salk, one of the world's leading research centers. Under this agreement, Bertis Bioscience will provide proteomic data analysis to look for novel human disease biomarkers.


Han Seung-man, CEO of Bertis, said, "We are pleased with the market’s enthusiastic reception of our PASS service launched just last year.  We attribute the success to the market’s recognition of Bertis’ proprietary technology and know-how in proteomics analysis and commercialization. Our technology and services have shown strong global competitiveness and receive favorable reception at various international conferences.  We believe the US will provide a stage for us to showcase our expertise globally and build our PASS business by serving world-class research institutions as a start.”


Amid the increasing demand for multiomics analysis data,  PASS has received significant attention from industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes since its launch in Korea in May 2022. Leveraging its state-of-the-art analysis system and industry leading proteomics expertise, as of June, Bertis Inc. signed agreements for PASS with twenty companies, including national institutions, government-funded research institutes, and private companies.

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