The world’s first proteomics-based blood test solution for early diagnosis of breast cancer


An innovative and convenient test method that detects early breast cancer with an accuracy
of 92% (based on the patent) by using only a very small amount of blood.
Bertis has developed multiple markers that can detect early breast cancer with an accuracy of 92% through identification of multiple proteins that
are expressed sensitively in early-stage breast cancer and combination of certain proteins that demonstrated high accuracy
and reproducibility among these combinations.


MASTOCHECK was developed by a team led by Professor Dong-Young Noh, a world-renowned authority on breast cancer, of Seoul National University.
After analyzing approximately 600,000 proteins and selecting 3 markers exhibiting optimal accuracy,
the highest accuracy was obtained by adding Bertis’ own algorithm that enhances accuracy.
After several years of repeated validation work, a medical device product license was obtained from the MFDS in January 2019. To date (as of September 2023), MASTOCHECK has been introduced to about 400 hospitals and screening institutions nationwide, with priority given to large screening institutions.

Screening Process

대표 유방암 검진법 비교

X선 촬영술
40대 이상
  • 기기 성능 편차, 판독자 경험 등에 따라 판독 정확도가 달라짐
  • 치밀 유방 정확도 47%(1)
  • 민감도 약 75% ~ 82%(2)
  • 표준 유방암 검진법
  • 유방 압착 검사로 극도의 고통 및 불편함 수반
  • 치밀 유방 여성에 대한 낮은 정확도
  • 높은 방사선량으로 40대 이상에게 권장
전 연령
주로 보조적 방법으로 사용
양성 종양(정상)과 악성 종양(암)의 구분이 힘들어 오진율이 높음
전 연령
92% (특허 기준)
  • 1ml 혈액 채혈만으로 검사가 가능하며 편리함
  • 치밀 유방에서도 높은 정확도를 보임

(1) Yumi Kim et al, JBD 2019;7(2):59-64 (2) Med J Malaysia, 2014 Apr;69(2):79-85

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