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Bertis Releases Two Academic Findings at 11th AOHUPO

Date 2023.05.08

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Bertis Releases Two Academic Findings at 11th AOHUPO

Including Systematic Analysis of Blood Proteome across Lifespan


Bertis will present two posters on the analysis of the blood proteome across the lifespan and the discovery of specific biomarkers for ovarian cancer in Singapore from May 8th to 10th.



On May 8th, Bertis, a company specializing in the development of proteomics-based precision medicine technology (led by CEOs Dong-young Noh and Seung-man Han), announced that it will present two research findings at the 11th Asia Oceania Human Proteome Organization (AOHUPO) conference, held at the Singapore EXPO from May 8th to 10th.


The findings will be presented as a poster at the symposium, which will cover the systematic analysis of the blood proteome across the lifespan and the development of a serum biomarker panel for the diagnosis of high-grade serous ovarian cancer by global and targeted proteomics.



<Image: Expression patterns of 1,233 blood proteins in aging>


With respect to the analysis of blood proteome analysis across the lifespan, the Bertis research team analyzed the blood samples of 337 healthy individuals aged between 20 and 85 to verify changes in blood proteome due to aging. The presentation will showcase the first research achievement from the relevant study. According to the research results, proteins up- regulated during aging were mainly involved in immunity and inflammatory response while proteins down-regulated during aging were involved in cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and metabolism. Furthermore, 1,233 circulating proteins were found to show major aging expression patterns, suggesting that they can serve as an 'aging clock', which is based on the notion of measuring human biological age.


To discover protein biomarkers for early diagnosis of high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC), the Bertis research team identified 1,847 proteins and validated 18 biomarker candidates, the results of which were published in the international journal 'Journal of Proteome Research' last September. The company has completed the development of the algorithm with 95% accuracy (100% sensitivity and 91% specificity) for stages 1-3 HGSOC through multi-marker-based analysis and now the verification of the algorithm is underway.


Un-beom Kang, Head of Bertis Biomarker Research Institute, said, "We are excited to present the result of our technological advancements in the in-depth analysis of blood proteome at one of the most prominent academic conferences in Asia and Oceania. Bertis will continue to dedicate itself to future R&D to address unmet clinical needs based on these findings."


Bertis currently possesses world-class mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics technology and has successfully commercialized MASTOCHECK®, the world's first regulatory-approved proteomics-based blood assay for early breast cancer detection as well as PASS(Pan-Omics Analysis Service & Solution), a platform for the integrative analysis of pan-omics(multi-omics) data. Recently, Bertis has been striving to overcome challenges in interpreting and utilizing proteomics data with the help of bioinformatics and AI.

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