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Bertis Becomes a Member of the HUPO IAB

Date 2023.05.18

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Bertis Becomes a Member of the HUPO IAB


- Bertis joined the IAB of the most prestigious society in the field of proteomics to serve as an advisor in collaboration with other representative global proteomics companies.


- CEO Seung-man Han said, “Through this participation, Bertis will seek to contribute to the success of the HUPO 2023 set to be held in Busan this coming September and strengthen global cooperation. Furthermore, as a leader in proteomics in Asia, we will actively communicate and cooperate with global leaders.”


Human Proteome Organization’s logo (left) and Bertis’ company logo (right) 


Bertis, a proteomics-based precision medicine technology development company (CEOs Dong-young Noh, Seung-man Han), announced on 18 that it had become a member of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO), the most influential academic organization in proteomics.


Founded in 2001, HUPO is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization registered in the State of New Mexico and is the largest non-profit international scientific organization in the field of proteomics that studies the human proteome. As of May 2023, with 796 active members, HUPO represents and promotes proteomics through international cooperation and collaborations and by fostering the development of new technologies, techniques, and training.


The IAB provides valuable input on technology and product innovation to the HUPO Council and its Executive Committee for the benefit of members and identifies industry trends that will position HUPO to meet the future challenges of its partners and organization. The IAB consists of companies in the proteomics industry, with a total of 21 global leading participants in proteomics companies focused on molecular analysis, equipment manufacturing, and diagnostic reagents, etc., as of May 2023.


Chief Technology Officer Sangtae Kim, an expert in the field of bioinformatics related to proteomics, at Bertis Bioscience, an American subsidiary of Bertis, and Chief Strategy Officer Hyojung Park at Bertis will work as advisory committee members on the IAB.


HUPO is scheduled to hold HUPO 2023, the world's largest academic event in proteomics, from September 17 to 21 at BEXCO in Busan. This event will offer educational and networking opportunities, together with presentations of remarkable findings in proteomics and lectures by renowned speakers and is expected to attract approximately 1000 attendees from 40 countries across the globe.


Khatereh Motamedchaboki, Chair of the IAB, noted, “We are excited to welcome Bertis, a leader in the development and clinical application of proteomics technology in Asia, as a new member of our IAB with the coming of HUPO 2023 in Korea. We expect this new addition will facilitate communication and input between industry partners and supports industry allies active in the development of innovative technologies that are responsive to the constant changes in the scientific proteomics environment.


Seung-man Han, CEO of Bertis, said, “We agreed to participate in the IAB to support the success of the HUPO 2023 to be held in Busan in September this year, and to enhance cooperation with global leading organizations by entering Southeast Asia and the United States markets. As the need for the employment of proteomics technology to tackle major human health problems through early diagnosis and customized treatment is soaring, Bertis intends to actively communicate and cooperate with global leaders as a leading Asian proteomics company.”


Based on its expertise in proteomics technology accumulated over 10 years, Bertis has commercialized MASTOCHECK®, a blood test for early diagnosis of breast cancer, and PASS (Pan-omics Analysis Service & Solution) service, an integrated analysis solution for pan-omics (multi-dimensional-omics). In relation to the company’s overseas expansion, MASTOCHECK® has been exported and is being used in more than 40 locations in Singapore. In addition, it established Bertis Bioscience, an American subsidiary, in October 2021, and opened a laboratory in San Diego in April 2022.

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